Camp Jackson Sawyer
at the Edward B. Knight Scout Reservation

33990 Overseas Highway
Scout Key, Florida 33043
(305) 872-3228

South Florida Council, BSA

Boy Scouts of America

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Campsites and Chart Room
Camp Jackson Sawyer at the Edward B. Knight Scout Reservation.

Swimming, Snorkeling, Canoeing, Kayaking, and Fishing
Camp Jackson Sawyer at the Edward B. Knight Scout Reservation.

What To Pack
Camp Jackson Sawyer at the Edward B. Knight Scout Reservation.

Camp Sawyer Rules and Regulations
A copy of Camp Sawyer Rules and Regulations may be downloaded HERE.

1. All Units must check in and check out with Campmaster or Camp Ranger.
2. Overnight camping and day use of camp is only for properly registered camp users.
3. Campfires are allowed only in designated campsite campfire rings. All cooking fires are to be a minimum of 18 inches off the ground. Fires must be under qualified adult supervision at all times, and must be out cold when campsite is not occupied.
4. Smoking and tobacco products are NOT permitted anywhere on the Camp property.
5. No dogs or pets of any kind are allowed in Camp at any time. Please leave them home.
6. No alcoholic beverages, controlled substances, or illegal drugs are allowed in camp.
7. No firearms, fireworks, ammunition, explosives, or archery equipment are allowed in camp.
8. Camp BB Guns and Archery Equipment may only be used under proper adult supervision in designated ranges during units reserved times.
9. No bicycles, roller skates, roller blades, skate boards, skate shoes, mopeds, motorized vehicles, or four wheelers are allowed. (Bicycles or roller skates may be allowed as a pre-approved organized and reserved Scout Activity, e.g., Merit Badge Course or Belt Loop Activity.)
10. Swimming and boating is only permitted under proper adult supervision and in the approved areas following all BSA Guidelines during units reserved times.
11. Fishing is permitted only from the shore by registered campers under adult supervision.
12. All garbage must be bagged properly and placed in the dumpster nightly or taken home. Please keep your campsite and the restrooms clean at all times. All units using Camp will be asked to assist in cleaning the Camp Restrooms.
13. No bleach type products may be used in the camp restroom facilities. Restroom sinks are not to be used for dish washing. Grease must be disposed of properly in garbage.
14. Camp Quiet Time is from 10 PM until 7 AM. Lights Out is 11 PM. Be considerate of other units.
15. Vehicles may unload and load gear and equipment at the Camp Gear Drop Off Area and then must immediately be parked properly in the parking lot. Vehicles may only drive on designated roadways and park in designated parking lots. No vehicles or trailers are allowed in campsites. No vehicles may be driven to campsites or on or through grass on Camp.
16. Camp speed limit is 15 miles per hour. Seatbelts are required of every vehicle occupant.
17. Do not open plumbing, irrigation, or electrical control boxes or fixtures, or attempt to make any changes, repairs, or adjustments to them. Do not paint structures or add or change any signs.
18. Unit/Group Leaders are responsible to read all rules to each participant and distribute copies to all adults in their group prior to arrival and insure their Unit's compliance with all Camp Rules and Regulations. Disregard of rules may result in forfeiture of all deposits and Unit being asked to leave camp.

Please help in making your visit to Camp Sawyer a safe and enjoyable outing for everyone at camp.
The Campmaster, Camp Ranger, and Camping Director have the complete authority and responsibility to enforce all of the above Camp Rules and Regulations by all participants.
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